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Facing foreclosure?

Our experienced team is here to support you every step of the way and navigate you through the complexities of this arduous situation.

With our expert guidance, you can find the solutions you need to overcome the challenges of foreclosure. Trust in our expertise and let us be your guiding light during these difficult times.

Don't wait another moment, take action now and contact Peck Law, the foreclosure experts, immediately for specialized assistance. 

(352) 835-7977 Spring Hill/Main Office
(813) 867-3400 Tampa
(727) 201-2222 Pasco/ Pinellas
(813) 541-3939 After Hours/Weekends

Spring Hill Office

12515 Spring Hill Dr
Spring Hill, FL 34609

(352) 835-7977 Spring Hill/Main Office
(813) 541-3939 After Hours/Weekends


Tampa Office

2805 W Busch Blvd #219 B
Tampa, FL 33618

(813) 867-3400 Tampa
(727) 201-2222 Pasco/ Pinellas


Frequently Asked Questions

I have just been served with a Summons and Foreclosure Complaint. What do I do?

Respond within 20 days of service. Unless you are familiar with legal proceedings and applicable law, it’s best to get an experienced and knowledgable lawyer, without delay.

If I do nothing, what will happen?

A Default and Default Judgement will be entered, and the Court will then auction your property.

After the property is auctioned by the Court Clerk, do I have to get out?